How To Activate Vibe Service

How to activate the vibe VPN service & allow the firewalls after first installations.

You will have to login to your Gateway locally or remotely & add the IP, Default Gateway, And Subnet mask.

After adding these IP’s please save and reboot your gateway. After the reboot complete please login to your cpe by the username & password we have provided you then allow your local IP & SIP server IP to the firewall in the CPE, then Apply all the changes to your CPE. Once this has taken effect, your vpn & gateway has been ready to pass the calls.

Sippy IP Firewall tool

IP firewall tool allows you to restrict access for a database, web interface, ssh or sip traffic from static IPs. You can add rule to the firewall list in the following menu: “Tools” > “IP Firewall” (see screen-shot for your reference). Read More